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ARGOMENTO: 7 Skies, Repulse, POW, Sara D

7 Skies, Repulse, POW, Sara D 19/05/2011 10:31 #1

We had an amazing weekend quenching our Lust for Rust. Not only did we enjoy or the rusty wrecks, we enjoyed the fishlife as well.
The Nippo Maru has been salvaged and the damage it obviuos, it is still a great dive and the trucks, motorbikes and ammunition shells are still there. Alot of fun safe penertration as well. The Igara was at it best with awesome viz and loads of fish, the cargo hold wall between one and two has fallen down. The Campalina is a great dive and there has been no salvaging and she is still in good condition. The Valley Forge is a great shallow dive to finish off the weekend.

We saw big schools of barracuda, jacks, snaper and we also saw 3 marble rays, sharks and 2 of the biggest groupers I have ever seen, they were as big as small cars.

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